A downloadable game for macOS

Earn points by staying alive. Maximize points per second by gliding as close as possible to the bodies. BUT BEWARE! Your microscopic mass, although negligible, will have an exponentially increasing impact on their fragile equilibrium as you grow nearer. Disturb the natural order at your own risk.

Created for the first ever Gosu Game Jam! The theme was "Chaos", so I tried to implement a stable solution to the Three Body Problem (a manifestation of Chaos Theory) that begins in a state of Order and is made Chaotic through user engagement.


Butterfly Surfer.zip 22 MB

Install instructions

MAC: Download zip file and unzip! If You see a warning message that the developer can't be verified, navigate to "Security & Privacy Settings" and you should see an option to open the game.

WINDOWS: Source code available here: https://github.com/heymitchfischer/butterfly-surfer. You should be able to run the game by installing Ruby and the gosu gem, and then running it from the command line.